Reflection of the Van-Gogh Project.

Reflection of the Project

Van–Gogh has influenced me to keep drawing even though I’m bad. I would like to be like him because I would like to have the same level of determination he had. I learned that note taking helps build brains that you have never used before. The hard part was finding information because you have to look hard into passages and books to find the information you need. The easy part was making the timeline; because you had the information it is just that you have to put everything in order. I think I should find more information than needed next time.


Genetics is the study of genes .So,genes are found in bundles called chromosomes. Genes are one piece of D.N.A.Furthermore, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes(46 chromosomes).We have strong humans and weak humans.Genes have dominant and recessive.

If there are 2 dominant genes then the trait would show a dominant trait. If there is a dominant  and a recessive trait then the end result would be a dominant trait.This is something that does not appear a lot is when 2 recessive genes form a recessive trait. Genes are interesting.


Baseball is a sport that is very special where i come from, and I would like to talk about it with you. Baseball started in America and went around the world for example Japan. In the sport of baseball people need the skill of fielding, hitting, and catching. Baseball contains at least 11 players on a team 2 for pitching and catching, 3 for baseman and 4 for out field. Baseball is a sport that will never lose it’s fame . Thanks for listening to my paragraph and I hope you read another one of mine.

Welcome To My Blog

Aloha , bonjour, namaste , and hi welcome to my blog.  Here I will talk about my experiences , silly stories and experiments. I almost forgot to introduce my self I am vs5c  Iam in the 5th grade I am an American citizen of Indian oregean. Thank you for looking at my blog and please comment.

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